Nataly Rosa Interracial Cuckold

By: Tanya

Here is the gorgeous latina Nataly Rosa in one of my favorite interracial cuckold scenes. Notice the look of humiliation on her husbands face as she gets pounded mercilessly by a thick, juicy black cock. He can’t do anything to resist. All he can do is clean up the mess afterwards!

Ally Forced Bi Cuckolds

By: Tanya

Here is Ally from the forced bi section of Cum Eating Cuckolds. Besides interracial cuckold porn, you can find a lot more there like forced bi, sissification, feet licking, ass worship, etc.

Sharing My Wife Amy

By: Tanya

Here are some pics of Amy from Sharing My Wife.  This site is all about cuckolding, but most of the husbands and wives are not interracial.  In other words, the bull is often white.  Sometimes I prefer that, sometimes I don’t.  For those of you who don’t care, it’s an excellent cuckold porn site where the cuckold gets degraded as he watches his wife get fucked by a guy with a bigger cock.  Lots of verbal abuse, foot licking during the act, etc.


Kim’s Interracial Sex Adventure

By: Tanya

This is part 2 of Kim’s Sissy Cuckold.

Paul opened the door and there stood Marc, his former boss, a well-to-do 6′4″ black man in his thirties.

“She’s uh…in the uhh…”

“I know,” Marc said.  Paul learned this was not the first time Kim had had an interracial cuckold experience.

Paul followed Marc into the bedroom where Kim lay on the bed, naked except for thick black high heels.

“I’ve wanted you so bad,” Kim purred to Marc.  “As for you, Paul, you can get undressed and sit in the corner.  Don’t let me catch you touching yourself, little cuckold, as I get fucked by a real man.”

Paul did as he was told and sat in the corner.  He undressed and as he was pulling down his tighty whities, Kim burst out laughing.

“You see, Marc?  That’s what I have to settle for.  A popcorn-sized dick…how is anyone supposed to get pleasure from that?”

Marc smiled, undressed, and began to penetrate Kim.

“Ohhh…so fucking huge,” she squealed.  Marc increased his speed and started hammering away at her.

“Fuck me…fuck me hard!  You can never fuck me like this, Paul.  You’re such a little bitch.”  Marc laughed and smacked Kim’s ass.

Marc rammed flipped her on her side and began pounding her as hard as he could.  “Come over here and lick my feet while he fucks me,” she demanded to Paul.

Paul did as he was told, got on his knees, and began licking Kim’s feet as she got fucked by a real man.  Paul knew his place as a cuckold.

“I’m coming,” Marc grunted.  He emptied a hot load into Kim’s twat and collapsed next to her.

“You know what you’re going to do, Paul?  You’re gonna clean my pussy up.”

Paul hesitated, and Kim screamed, “Do it NOW, cuckold piece of shit!”  Paul knelt in front of her gooey cunt, and Kim rested both her legs on his shoulders.  He lapped up Marc’s cum and felt Kim shake in ecstasy every time he brushed across her clit.  She grabbed his head and directed his licking.

“You’re just my little interracial sissy cuckold, aren’t you, Paul?”  “Yes,” Paul murmurred.

Kim’s Sissy Cuckold

By: Tanya

Kim and Paul had been married for 2 years. Kim was the “teacher” of the relationship, and Paul was the “learner.” That is, Paul had never had sex with any other woman besides Kim, whereas Kim had plenty of boyfriends before she met him, several of whom she cuckolded.

One day after working out next to buff hung black men, Kim went home and as she was about to check her email, what did she see but Paul jerking off to interracial cuckold porn.

Matt panicked, more worried about her reaction to him looking at cuckold porn than him jerking off, as she had caught him jerking off plenty of times.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” she inquired.
“I uh…I just uhh…”
“I never knew you were into this..”
“Well you uh…I mean I uh…”

When dinner rolled around, Matt asked what was for dinner, as if nothing had happened. Kim told him that from now on he would be cooking dinner and that he would be doing the dishes.

Matt prepared dinner, and as he was about to sit down to join Kim, she said “no…I think you’re going to have something else for dinner,” as she stuck out her bare foot. Matt looked at her questioningly, and then Kim snapped her fingers and retorted, “Lick.”

Matt got on his knees and began licking the sole’s of Kim’s perfect feet. His tongue slid in and out between her exquisitely red-painted toenails.

“From now on, I make the rules. Is that clear? When you’re done licking my feet, I want you to invite Marc over.”

Marc was Matt’s boss. A well-built black man in his late 30’s, Marc had met Tanya at the annual company picnic. Tanya and Marc had gotten along well, and she had made a point of teasing Paul in front of Marc. To kim, this was the perfect opportunity to finally make Paul her sissy cuckold bitch.

Matt looked directly up at Kim, as if to plead. But Kim wouldn’t have it. When she felt satisfied, she ordered Paul to stop, and pointed towards the phone. Matt invited Marc over for drinks.

Kim ordered her new cuckold to get her best lingerie and dress her with it. Then the doorbell rang…

Tell him to meet me in the bedroom,” Kim ordered her cuck.


See part two here

Why Women Love Big Cocks

By: Tanya

Instead of a lame “hi welcome to my blog!” post, I thought I’d get right out there and get to the heart of why so many women secretly crave big black cock.

ALL women prefer big penises, but when men are around we’ll say, “oh it’s all in how you use it,” or, “size really doesn’t matter,” to protect a guy’s ego. That isn’t true. Your cock size matters to us just as much as the size of our breasts, how thin we are, how pretty we are, etc. matters to you.

It’s the essence of your manhood…of course we want it to be bigger! If you were gay, wouldn’t you rather have a big cock instead of a small one you can’t even feel? Yes, it’s possible to be TOO big to the point that it actually hurts going in, and that’s not fun. But you’d have to be pretty gigantic for that to be the issue, and sadly that almost never happens.

And besides the awesome of filling of getting pounded mercilessly by a huge cock, it’s a status symbol as well. Trust me…women do talk to their girlfriends about the size of their partner’s penis. In fact, it’s usually the first thing that gets asked after we get some action. So while a woman may still stay with you in spite of a small penis, because after all it is only one factor, we do secretly crave bigger cocks.

Now, does white cock or black cock make a difference as long as it’s big? No, but there is something sexy and taboo about black guys. They’re also more likely to be fit and well-built. It’s just the combination I guess that makes it sexy to get hammered vigorously by this big strong black guy lol.

OMG I think I just came across as the biggest slut, but I’m not really. I am happily married, it’s just…sometimes my mind wanders…