Kim’s Sissy Cuckold

Kim and Paul had been married for 2 years. Kim was the “teacher” of the relationship, and Paul was the “learner.” That is, Paul had never had sex with any other woman besides Kim, whereas Kim had plenty of boyfriends before she met him, several of whom she cuckolded.

One day after working out next to buff hung black men, Kim went home and as she was about to check her email, what did she see but Paul jerking off to interracial cuckold porn.

Matt panicked, more worried about her reaction to him looking at cuckold porn than him jerking off, as she had caught him jerking off plenty of times.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” she inquired.
“I uh…I just uhh…”
“I never knew you were into this..”
“Well you uh…I mean I uh…”

When dinner rolled around, Matt asked what was for dinner, as if nothing had happened. Kim told him that from now on he would be cooking dinner and that he would be doing the dishes.

Matt prepared dinner, and as he was about to sit down to join Kim, she said “no…I think you’re going to have something else for dinner,” as she stuck out her bare foot. Matt looked at her questioningly, and then Kim snapped her fingers and retorted, “Lick.”

Matt got on his knees and began licking the sole’s of Kim’s perfect feet. His tongue slid in and out between her exquisitely red-painted toenails.

“From now on, I make the rules. Is that clear? When you’re done licking my feet, I want you to invite Marc over.”

Marc was Matt’s boss. A well-built black man in his late 30’s, Marc had met Tanya at the annual company picnic. Tanya and Marc had gotten along well, and she had made a point of teasing Paul in front of Marc. To kim, this was the perfect opportunity to finally make Paul her sissy cuckold bitch.

Matt looked directly up at Kim, as if to plead. But Kim wouldn’t have it. When she felt satisfied, she ordered Paul to stop, and pointed towards the phone. Matt invited Marc over for drinks.

Kim ordered her new cuckold to get her best lingerie and dress her with it. Then the doorbell rang…

Tell him to meet me in the bedroom,” Kim ordered her cuck.


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