Cum Eating Cuckolds India

Here is India Summer from one of my favorite sites, Cum Eating Cuckolds.  You might be familiar with the DVD Series…my husband and I watch them together (I think they’re up to Cum Eating Cuckolds 8), and it’s a decent way to get your wife cuckolding you if you want to try the cuckold lifestyle for real.  They are pornstars, not amateurs, but they do know cuckolding very well, and every scene ends with creampie eating.  The husband is usually licking her feet at some point, being verbally degraded by the hotwife, wearing his wife’s panties, etc.


I really like the series personally because they don’t fake the creampie eating.  Like some cuckold porn there will be an edit or a fade before the husband eats the creampie, but not with Cum Eating Cuckolds.  There is no gap in between the black bull cumming in the wife’s pussy and the husband eating it, so it’s humiliating for real for the guy.  And that’s what I love…humiliating cuckolds.