My name is Tanya, and yes that’s my real name :) I’m married and live with my husband of 11 years in the suburbs. I love wine, seafood, concerts, writing, and most of all sex stories.

So how did my interest in cuckolding begin? I cheated on my first boyfriend in high school with a jock and my then-boyfriend caught me on my knees with my top off blowing him. You see, the guy I cheated on him with could easily beatup my boyfriend, so the boyfriend was helpless and couldn’t really do anything…so I kept going and my boyfriend just walked away, lol. I will ALWAYS remember that moment and the expression on my boyfriend’s face. I was SO fucking turned on! I wonder if he turned into a cuckold as an adult…

I swear I am not a bitch in any other aspect of my life…really. I donate to the Red Cross, I volunteer in my community, I recycle hehe…but when it comes to sex, I just turn into this total other person. A confident, domineering woman who knows what she wants and gets it.

My husband has watched me have sex with 3 black guys so far. He loves it. I do still have sex with my husband, and I don’t lock him up in a chastity device, but I have “made him” participate in my interracial cuckold sessions. He has licked my feet, licked my bull’s feet, licked my ass, held my pussy open for my big black bulls, guided my bull’s cock into me, and of course…cleaned up afterwards. I don’t know what it is with the cuckold cleanup, but NOTHING in the world gives me the same full-body jolt of pleasure as being cleaned up by my cuck after getting fucked by a real man.

But I should take this opportunity to say that I do love my husband. He is awesome, we’re a perfect match, and h

As you can probably see, my libido is sky-high. I need sex stories as an outlet for this because my husband can’t keep up with me hehe.

One other thing…yes, he knows about this blog :)